Konoba "Ribice"
PUNAT 51521, Ulica 17.travnja 95


At the church of St Rockos at the Great Square, in the courtyard of old coastal houses and taverns, there is a pleasant and romantic corner. With light conversation, a glass of wine, seafood specialties and candles, you'll spend the evening of pleasure in a genuine Punat environment, under the green of a 50-year old fig and vine trees, with the sound of a waterfall on a stone fountain.


In the authentic coastal way we prepare only small fish: anchovies, sardines, sprat, whiting, hake and scampi, with a rich salad.

Why anchovies, sardines, sprat ... ? - Healthier for your heart!
Healthy food does not have to be expensive. Long since have small blue fish ceased to be the food of the poor. Nutricionists are full of praise for such a diet, and cooks dig up old recepies and devise new ones. Blue fish is a diet food, and its ingredients (Omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, calcium, vitamins A and D) are essential for our health. Small blue fish should be respected and enjoyed more often!

In "Konoba Ribice" we serve homemade wine, 'prošek' and brandy. Attentive hosts offer you an aperitif or digestive. In August and September we offer free, fresh, juicy and sweet desserts - figs - which you can pick from the tree above you.

We are open in the summer months from 18 to 01 hours.